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MASTER OF SCIENCEEngineering Management




​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Double-degree programme from SKEMA & University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) that delivers two degrees, one from each institution

Intake: September
This is a full-time course taught over a two-year period: Year 1 at USTC, Suzhou, China; Year 2 at a SKEMA campus in France or China.

Who can apply?
Those with a four-year science or engineering bachelor's degree (more info).

This programme delivers two degrees: ME​ (Master of Engineering) from USTC and MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation by SKEMA.
Scholarships info
Scholarships are available for this programme (PDF)

University of Science and Technology of Chin​a (USTC) 

USTC is a key national university in China, and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. 
It is ranked 49th internationally and second in China according to the Thames University Ranking list in 2010.
The USTC was established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1958, as a strategic action by the Chinese government, to meet China’s science and technology needs and improve the country’s international competitiveness. CAS integrated its resources with USTC, with the aim of educating top talent in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary science and technology.

Why choose this progra​​mme

Students will:
  • Obtain expertise in two distinct competen​ces making their job market profile unique 

  • Master fundamental software engineering knowledge and skills

  • Acquire knowledge of management and industry standards

  • Improve analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities

  • Gain foresight of industry technology and market trends so as to realise product planning, system design and market analysis

  • Get practical experience to be able to undertake the design, development and management of products independently

  • Develop management talent for international project management.

Programme ou​tline

Software engineering is an evolving discipline which aims to build and maintain effective, practical and high-quality software using engineering methods (systematic, standardised and quantitative methods). With this objective, software engineering relies on the combination of both established management technologies and state-of-the-art technologies. Software engineering draws on traditional engineering principles and methods to improve quality and reduce costs. Among them, computer science and mathematics are used to build the model and algorithms; engineering is used to develop the specifications, design paradigms, evaluate costs and determine trade-offs; management methods are used for planning and managing resources, quality, and cost.
A new round of technological revolution driven by information technology leads to the rapid development of the internet, cloud computing, internet of things, knowledge services, intelligence services, etc. However, an important restraining factor of software industry development is the lack of high-level software engineers with technical and management skills, as well as innovative capability.
This programme will encompass both software engineering technology and software engineering management. Students will acquire sound theoretical foundations, rich practical experience, along with management skills.
Entrepreneurship is the art of recognition and exploitation of opportunities. Entrepreneurship is valuable within organisations as well as in the establishment of new ventures. Discovering entrepreneurial opportunities requires that individuals not only possess knowledge, but that they also have the cognitive abilities that allow them to value and exploit that knowledge.
SKEMA's MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation prepares future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to take advantage of new business opportunities. Students will acquire methodologies on marketing of innovation that help change the rules of the game and open new competitive spaces. They will be trained to the strategic management of innovation from technological, marketing and organisational perspectives, in order to develop innovative business models. Moreover, students with an entrepreneurial project will have the opportunity to benefit from the support of SKEMA incubators. Find out more about the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation​

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