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Peter Pan and climate scepticism: why do people act like children?

​​​​​Published on 15/11/2023

Despite various reports by scientists and experts, it is sometimes difficult to fully grasp climate change. 

From denial to mockery, we are sometimes like Peter Pan in his imaginary land: we behave like children and refuse change! 

But then, why do we sometimes find it difficult to accept a reality that is obvious to others?  

To find out, Mary Michaelides decided to talk to a "real grown-up": Alican Mecit, a professor of marketing at SKEMA Business School and a member of the Marketing Interactions (MINT) ​research centre. Let's join him as he guides us through our reality.  

​"Makes Sense?" is a podcast from SKEMA Business School. This episode is hosted by Mary Michaelides.  

Learn more about Alican Mecit.


"Makes sense?": Episode 6


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