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Globalisation Academy

Associate dean of academy: Raluca Sandu

Christophe Dispas, head of the postgraduate programmes, works with the associate dean of academy to guarantee the dissemination of SKEMA’s globalisation DNA to all teaching and learning activities.

The mission of the Globalisation Academy is to prepare students to become value creators by combining global requirements with local differences. 

There exists a tension in today’s world between an acceleration in exchanges due to distance-reducing communications (physical or virtual transport of products, people, information, ideas) and the emergence of other types of frontiers between countries, cultures, companies and their environments, customers, and so on.

At the Globalisation Academy, it’s not just about engaging in  globalisation but acknowledging that what we do makes globalisation beneficial for everybody.

To accomplish this mission, the Globalisation Academy is committed to:
  • Providing students with the tools to become intellectually-agile managers capable of understanding complex problems and following a holistic approach to building ecosystems
  • Developing a propensity towards managing diversity and differences
  • Facilitating students’ integration abroad by enabling them to be at ease in a multicultural environment
  • Fulfilling the expectations of corporations that are committed to solving problems at both global and local levels 
  • Evaluating human activities from different angles: economic, territorial, environmental, social, and so on
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