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Transformation Academy

Marcos Lima

Associate dean of academy


We believe the role of a SKEMA academic is to “explore to transform”, and the pursuit of knowledge in academia should lead to real-world impacts. We believe academics have an important role in purposeful, positive transformations of organisations, society and environmental relationships.


Therefore, we strive to: 

  • Transform organisations by exploring more agile structures, processes, daring strategies and egalitarian people-centric approaches;

  • Transform social relationships by exploring and proposing fairer business models and frameworks for geopolitical understanding;

  • Transform environmental relationships by exploring more ecological approaches to value creation and distribution.

We therefore wish to develop a comprehensive, transdisciplinary and transformational mindset through creative exploration and production of knowledge with positive implications beyond the boundaries of academia. This mindset will be reflected in our teaching and in our research, so that students and executives will become the transformers of tomorrow’s organisations, society and environmental relationships. Students and executives will develop two sets of competences from transformation academy teaching and research: they will better understand organizations through system thinking (strategic thinking, critical thinking and complex problem solving) in order to better transform the society and its environmental relationships (through adaptability and resilience, exploratory and collaborative learning and political agency). This transformation process should be based on a deep sense of responsibility, empathy and respect. 

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