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Overview - SKEMA AI Institute

The SKEMA Artificial Intelligence Institute is primarily a research institute of SKEMA Business School whose main mission focuses on artificial intelligence and analytics-related research.

The AI Institute stimulates interdisciplinary research in AI, business analytics, data and information sciences and related fields, ranging from AI fundamentals to machine and statistical learning, from data analytics to interpretable AI, from data science to information theory, from business intelligence to engineering management, from adversarial learning to federated learning, and many others. The research developed by the members of the institute focuses on artificial intelligence and analytics techniques for problem-solving and decision-making with applications to a variety of domains.

Davide La Torre

The institute fosters the creation of partnerships and joint projects with organisations specialised in AI, analytics, business intelligence solutions or in adapting such solutions, and focuses on the development of tools, algorithms, methodologies, models, and solutions for companies. Beyond internships and job opportunities, the typical outcome of joints projects is the ad-hoc development and implementation of innovative AI models and analytics techniques. Given its focus on research, the AI Institute supports the understanding and usage of AI and analytics tools through focused conferences, workshops and seminars.

The AI Institute also responds to national and international research calls on interdisciplinary topics, develops corporate relations in coordination with SKEMA Corporate Office, and initiates academic relations with high-status partners in relation with programmes.

Davide La TorreAssociate Dean and Full Professor (CNRS qualified) of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, is the Founder and Director of the AI Institute. For more information, please write to

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