Multiple perspectives to AI

By design, SKEMA approaches AI from multiple perspectives. Researchwise, our activities range from technical and computational approaches, notably big data analytics, human-machine interactions, machine learning, mobility track analysis and facial emotion detection, to more business-oriented applications in areas such as finance, operations, supply chain, marketing, economics, and legal affairs and ethics.

SKEMA’s global approach to AI

Specifically, large-scale implementation of AI-based algorithms in application domains such as IoT (i.e. Internet of Things), smart speakers, chatbots, cybersecurity, 3D printing, drones, face emotions analysis, sentiment analysis, or natural language processing, will have long-lasting and systemic consequences on the ways we examine and train students in human resource management and development, customer profiling and predictive marketing, market finance, and FinTechs, just to name a few.

AI-related activities have been growing a lot in the recent years at SKEMA. New faculty members have been recruited and new research interests have been added to our main core areas. This has made possible the transition from augmented intelligence, which is a subset of AI that focuses on simulation of human cognitive abilities to support the decision making process, to the more complex and richer world of artificial intelligence and technology, which aims to create systems and applications that run without (or with less) humans. 

To federate the existing AI projects and amplify our initiatives, SKEMA is creating a dedicated institute.

Prof. Philippe MoninVice-Dean for Faculty and Research

The creation of an unprecedented initiative: SKEMA AI Institute for Business

The SKEMA AI Institute for Business will facilitate the creation of a strong and interdisciplinary AI-related research environment. Developing its core research core areas, the AI institute will encourage the creation of dedicated labs, such as a Machine Learning Lab in Montreal and a Pattern Analysis Lab in Sophia Antipolis.

The SKEMA AI institute will stimulate new interdisciplinary research proposals to answer international research calls. It will foster the creation of flagship AI educational programmes, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, and will support the hybridisation of all programmes offered by SKEMA by providing — at minimum — introductory AI courses in any of the SKEMA programmes.

Through focused conferences, workshops, and seminars, the AI institute will support managers’ understanding and usage of AI tools and algorithms in practice. It will provide insights through press releases, media coverage and scientific articles on the impact of AI technologies on organisations, how activities in organisations will be affected and their performance enhanced, and how individuals, organisations and policy-makers address AI-induced ethical concerns.

The SKEMA AI institute is led by professor Davide La Torre, its director, who supervises the activities of the institute, provides it with strategic direction in collaboration with SKEMA’s general management and the Faculty & Research Office and determines its development plan.

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