The team of AI experts

AI research at SKEMA relies on a strong interdisciplinary group of scholars from different areas. The research topics covered by the AI team range from AI fundamentals (including the development of new AI algorithms and techniques), to AI applications, and AI solutions for business. SKEMA researchers are supported by international scholars from top tiers universities as well as AI advisors and CEOs.

SKEMA's AI Team is a unique mix of experts and researchers with deep knowledge and experience in AI methods, techniques, and applications to four different and interdisciplinary areas.

The AI Fundamentals team

Currently, in AI fundamentals, research projects include Modeling and advanced detection of fear of recurrence (jointly with the University of Milan), Measure of propagation of the pandemic in populations and its economic impact on production (jointly with the University of Bremen), The digitalisation of wholesale agri-food markets (jointly with the University of Venice), The enhancing of therapy adherence through combined behavioural and artificial intelligence modelling (jointly with the European Institute of Oncology), The development of AI-based technologies informing, safeguarding, and improving the life quality of vulnerable groups in society in areas affected by natural disasters (jointly with the Newcastle University), and AI applications in healthcare, energy, industry, and education in light of pandemics (jointly with Qatar University). 
  • Jan Broekaert, Postdoc: quantum probability, quantum-like cognitive properties 
  • Faizal Hafiz, Postdoc: pattern recognition, machine learning algorithms 
  • Davide La Torre, Professor: AI fundamentals, image analysis, mathematical modelling

The AI in Economics and Finance team

The AI in Marketing and Management team

AI in Operations, Supply Chain and Information Systems team

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