SKEMA AI programmes

One of the main missions of the SKEMA AI Institute is to foster the collection of resources, people, and infrastrutures that will form the pillars of the future SKEMA AI School for Business.

SKEMA’s efforts in forming a new generation of business students with a deep knowledge of AI are deployed along two different strategic directions: on one side, SKEMA is putting in place a solid hybridisation of its programmes’ portfolio; to date, more than 70% of the school’s programmes already include AI content in their teaching. Current and future SKEMA students, irrespective of their programme or specialisation, will learn and acquire a solid understanding of AI solutions and applications by taking courses co-delivered by AI SKEMA faculty and experts from the business world and worldwide AI players (including Microsoft, IBM, SAS and others).

On the other side, SKEMA’s AI team is designing new innovative and cutting edge AI programmes.

The SKEMA AI programmes portfolio

In the Global BBA programme, a new AI track was launched in China, in September 2020, in partnership with Nanjing Audit University. This new track will be launched in September 2021 at the Sophia Antipolis campus (France) and Raleigh campus (USA).

In the Master in Management programme (known as ‘Programme Grande Ecole’), a new Artificial Intelligence for Managers track has been launched in Paris, Sophia Antipolis, and Lille, under the leadership of Prof. Davide La Torre, Director of SKEMA AI Institute.

At the Master of Science level, SKEMA is currently offering four different programmes worldwide:

At the ‘Mastère Spécialisé®’ level, SKEMA will launch a new programme in Project Management of Artificial Intelligence by fall 2021.

Furthermore, several AI modules will be added to the new Global Executive MBA starting September 2021, and AI certificates and nano-degrees for executives are currently being developed at our Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Raleigh (USA) campuses. Thus, these diverse SKEMA programmes will enable any interested student to embrace AI and understand its impact for business innovation and growth.

Patrice Houdayer

Vice-dean in charge of programmes, international and student life,
SKEMA Business School

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