GLOBAL LAB IN AIAugmented Intelligence & Data Science




A global lab and a Montreal-based research centre

The growth of artificial intelligence will create 58 million new jobs in the coming years, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). With various technological developments in progress across the world, SKEMA has undertaken a strategic shift towards data science and AI to meet companies’ needs in terms of growth. The SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence is a multidisciplinary laboratory launched by SKEMA Business School to facilitate research on data science and artificial intelligence for global transformation.

As AI is expected to significantly transform society and businesses through new technologies, SKEMA will train and educate tomorrow's leaders and managers on a new global model and prepare students and executives for these changes and opportunities.

Value proposition

The lab is present on all of SKEMA’s campuses across the world and provides solutions for the new challenges that society will face in the near future.

By using data science and artificial intelligence, the Global Lab in AI develops new theories, concepts and methods to study globalisation, innovation and digitalisation. It also develops products in various disciplines to provide people with the tools and data to understand the transformations that society will soon undergo due to rapid advancement in technology.

SKEMA has also established an AI research centre – the SKEMA Quantum Studio – in Montreal, Canada.

The SKEMA Quantum Studio will be developed at the school’s campuses in Brazil, China, France, South Africa and the United States, making the laboratory the first to develop AI practices and tools worldwide.

Shaping the next generation of managers

Through the SKEMA Global Lab in AI, SKEMA provides its students with a toolkit, new knowledge and skills that will enable them to lead 21st century companies and access new jobs. SKEMA's new training and career paths will allow students to understand and develop management projects that are strongly involved in AI, find new business solutions for companies, and new sources of more sustainable performance.

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