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​An ambitious scholarship programme

Ever since it was founded, SKEMA Business School has followed a dedicated and ambitious scholarship policy to attract the best student profiles from around the world and to make equal opportunity a reality.

To facilitate this, the school invests almost 1.5 million euros a year to finance scholarships and help deserving students achieve their dreams.

Types of scholarships

The SKEMA development fund, via the SKEMA Giving initiative, supports this scholarship policy by financing:

   • Means-tested scholarships, to contribute to the professional development of young students from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • Academic excellence scholarships to attract the best talents to our training programmes;
  • Mobility scholarships to promote international student mobility on our campuses abroad (China, USA and Brazil) and our international academic partners.

In this 2019-2020 academic year, which is firmly focused on social and cultural openness, we are aiming to award new scholarships to promote equal opportunities at the school and unleash our students’ talents!

Testimonial of a scholarship student

“Thanks to the Emergence programme, partly funded by SKEMA, I was able to attend a Marketing and Distribution Management training programme in Roubaix, before being accepted to the Grande Ecole Programme at SKEMA. Today, I am a member of the school’s Junior-Entreprise and I can see myself joining an audit firm. None of this would have been possible without support from SKEMA. ”

Kanjana Khanarin, currently a second-year student in the Grande Ecole Programme

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