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PhD in Business Administration

On the Sophia Antipolis, Paris and Lille campuses

The PhD in Business Administration at SKEMA is a selective, four-year, full-time programme with three specialisations:
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Management
  • AI in Operations Management

The programme is designed to provide doctoral students with a solid education in areas needed to carry out cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research. All the courses and seminars are held in English. Successful graduates will receive a Ph.D degree from SKEMA Business School and either a French state doctoral degree from the Université Côte d'Azur (UCA) (for the students in the Finance & Accounting and Management specialisations) or a Belgian state doctoral degree from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) (for the students in the AI in Operations Management specialisation).

Our faculty members are top-notch scholars of the international research community and regularly publish in top-tier academic journals. Our seminar programme is very rich and enables students to meet other top researchers from around the world. This lively research environment prepares students for the academic job market by providing them the skills necessary to teach in top business schools and publish in leading academic journals. 

The programme selects highly qualified applicants with strong research potential. Candidates should hold a master's degree (or be close to completion). All candidates are supported by a combination of scholarships and appointments as research assistants. The financial support is sufficient to cover living expenses. Tuition fees are waived. SKEMA also provides financial support for conferences and visiting stays at other research institutions.

Supervisors in finance and accounting include: 

  • Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes (corporate governance, law and finance)

  • Armin Schwienbacher (entrepreneurial finance, crowdfunding, fintech, and venture capital)

  • Rafael Matta (corporate finance, financial intermediation)

  • Helen Bollaert (behavioural corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions)

  • Wan Ni Lai (asset pricing)

  • Roland Königsgruber (financial accounting, accounting regulation). 

Supervisors in management include: 

  • Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné (theory of incentives, environmental economics, corporate social responsibility, economics of science and innovation)

  • Ludovic Dibiaggio (innovation, knowledge base organisation, digital transformation, regional dynamics)

  • Zakaria Babutsidze (digital consumer behaviour, digital media, competition)

  • Bruno Cirillo (innovation, strategy, organisational learning, corporate venturing)

  • Francesco Castellaneta (strategy, entrepreneurship, machine learning for strategy formulation).

  • Margherita Pagani (consumer experiential engagement, digital media, AI, robotics, and dynamics of business ecosystems).

  • Renata Kaminska (corporate resilience)

Supervisors in AI in operations management include: 

  • Bernardo Pagnoncelli (operations research, stochastic optimisation, continuous optimisation, finance, pension funds, natural resources management, energy, transportation)

  • Xavier Brusset (efficiency of the supply chain by focussing on information, coordination and collaboration issues, information sharing, weather risk, coordination mechanisms, contracts.)

  • David Rey (operations research, transportation and logistics)

  • Aida Jebali (supply chain management, operations management, operations research)

  • Morteza Davari (applied operations research, combinatorial optimisation, stochastic and robust optimisation, data driven optimisation, scheduling)

  • Xuefei Lu (machine learning, uncertainty quantification, operations research, big data problems.).

  • Shumail Mazahir (operations management, supply chain management, sourcing, circular economy)

  • Davide La Torre (applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, mathematical imaging, mathematical modelling, operations research)  

Directors of the PhD specialisations

Francesco Castellaneta
Director of the Management specialisation

Rafael Matta
Director of the Finance and Accounting specialisation

bernardo-pagnoncelli.jpgBernardo Pagnoncelli
Director of the AI in Operations Management specialisation

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