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Overview - International corporate governance

Research expertise in international corporate governance at SKEMA Business School is led by Florencio Lopez de Silanes.

His academic and applied work has dealt broadly with the analysis of what governance structures are appropriate for what economies and firms, what makes for good laws and regulations, and the socioeconomic institutions that are key elements of a smoothly functioning market economy. His  His lifetime academic citations on this topic place him among the three most widely cited business authors in the world according to the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and Thomson Scientific’s Essential Science indicators. Professor Lopez de Silanes’ research has influenced discussions and reforms in a number of firms and countries, in the European Union and the North American Free Trade Area, as well as in international Financial institutions.

Professor Lopez de Silanes has been directly involved in reform in the areas of financial sector restructuring, foreign investment, securities law, corporate law and bankruptcy law reform in several nations including: Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Spain, the United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Yemen. His work has also been influential in such organizations as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Economic Forum. He has likewise worked closely with several business organizations such as the Asian Business Council, the Lex-Mundi Law Firm Association, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the Latin American Corporate Governance Network. He has also worked as expert witness in corporate governance, and advised family firms, banks and corporations trying to improve their governance mechanisms and succession policies.
Finally, he has also worked with financial regulators and investors trying to protect their shareholder rights and push firms to improve investor protection standards.