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Overview - Regional Cluster and Dynamics

The economy has undergone fundamental transformations over the last few decades with globalization and technological advances such as automation and digitalization. These changes have affected the nature and the organization of productive activities with significant consequences on regional industries.

Academics at SKEMA are seeking to better understand how regions may develop specific resources and capabilities to provide local firms with more adaptive capabilities and generate sustainable competitive advantage.

Such questions are crucial for policy makers and businesses alike, because successful regional clusters create value for the local area. At SKEMA, we are particularly interested in the idea of alignment – that is, how scientific expertise, technological advantage and industry specialization combine and evolve through time to create dynamic and prosperous ecosystems.

Projects developed in the KTO research centre leverage the expertise that comes with SKEMA's multi-campus structure, through the study of start-ups and incubators and the plant location choices of large firms in regions in France and in China.