MINT (market interactions)

Who we are

We are a passionate group of scholars who study the complex and dynamic interactions in and between markets, consumers and society. We deploy a broad range of research methods to better understand these interactions from three different perspectives. First, we look at the relations between different stakeholders (relationality) in on-line communities, marketplace encounters, and in established and alternative market systems. Secondly, we look at the materiality of such relations (materiality) as instantiated in brands, technological interfaces,  products and commons. Thirdly, we are also curious about the moral dimensions of these interactions (morality) as present in local versus global tensions, marketing managers’ (mis)conduct, and practices of ideological contestation and resistance. By looking at these interactions, we aim to generate theoretical, managerial, and political insights toward a healthy, fair, and sustainable future.

What we do

We conduct scholarly research using interviews, ethnography, online and archival data, surveys, laboratory and field experiments. We also regularly organize workshops and we invite international scholars to visit us.
We publish in top academic journals, including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management Journal, Psychology and Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Theory, and Journal of Interactive Marketing.