Overview - ShaRP

Who we are


 The ShaRP research centre comprises researchers from different research fields (education, information systems, knowledge management, law, project management, scientometrics, statistics, supply chain, etc.) and different research domains (bibliometrics, B to B, B to C, cybernetics, grounded theory, text mining, programming, rheology, etc.), who enjoy doing research and sharing our research forward, for it to be useful to many, researchers and practitioners alike. We particularly favour mixed research methods and mixed research design. We also welcome visiting researchers as well as practitioners, who recognise the value of our output in research and are willing to subsidise to some extent the research of our group. Our motto is summarised in our name (ShaRP), an acronym which means: Sharing Research with Pleasure.


What we do


 We meet on average once a month for what we name “needs meetings” to share our concerns, questions, needs and best practices related to our research endeavours. We also organise research seminars requested by our members, during which we invite well-known international scholars to come and share their research results and knowhow. Finally, we give seminars during which we present our ongoing research to other members of our group: it can be research which has already been accepted or published in top tier journals or research in progress to help us move it forward through constructive criticism. We aim for our research and research programmes to be guided by public societal concerns or by private firm requirements. These programmes are subsidised either by public funding or by private firms.

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