Who we are

We are a group of researchers from different fields (Information Systems, Knowledge Management, Law, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Project Management, Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Operations Research, DataAnalytics, etc.). We use various methodologies  and apply them to different research domains (bibliometrics, open source software, closed loop supply chains, green logistics, port scheduling, operations theatre scheduling, weather risk, new business models, cybernetics, social networks, mindfulness, text mining, blockchain technology, multiple criteria decision making, etc..), We develop and sustain an open, collaborative, and multidisciplinary research culture. We believe that interdisciplinary research provides insights, it fosters innovative ideas, and it opens new horizons and future research avenues. 

What we do

We help organisations address the challenges of digitalisation through our research into cutting-edge processes and new managerial knowledge through projects combining managers and researchers. 

Our motto: to guide organisations to the future and boost their performance.

The centre’s team is composed of 20 researchers, all faculty members. They promote research to enhance organisational capabilities in project management, supply chain management, operations management, information systems, and behavioural management of organisations and their network. They are involved in field research with firms on various efficiency- and performance-enhancing projects.  The centre favours paper discussion, workshops and conference participation. It organises visits by professors from other institutions. The research centre also participates in collaborative research programs with firms as well as in EU funded research projects.