Who we are


 We are a group of researchers from different fields (Education, Information Systems, Knowledge Management, Law, Physics, Project Management, Statistics, Supply Chain, Operations, Data Analystics, etc.) and different research domains (Bibliometrics, B to B, B to C, Cybernetics, Grounded Theory, Text mining, Programing, Rheology, etc.), who enjoy doing research and sharing our research, for it to be useful to many, researchers and practitioners alike. We develop and sustain an open, collaborative, and multidisciplinary research culture. We believe that interdisciplinary research draws insight and lessons from different fields and it fosters the creation of innovative ideas, new horizons, and future research avenues. We welcome any researcher from SKEMA who shares this vision to research. We are also welcome visiting researchers as well as practitioners, who recognise the value of our output in research and are willing to provide feedback or add value to our research. Our motto is: guide organizations to the future and boost their performance.


What we do


 We meet on average once a month for what we name “needs seminars” to share our concerns, questions, needs and good practices related to our research endeavors. We also organize research seminars during which we invite renowned international scholars to come and share their research results and knowhow. Finally, we do seminars during which we present our ongoing research to other members of our group: it can be research already accepted or published or research in progress to help us improve the quality and breadth. Our research and research programs aim to enhance the efficiency and performance of organizations for competitive advantage. Such research is supported either by public funding or by private firms.