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Overview - Fintech

Digitalisation entails risks and opportunities for society and the economy, and will have a tremendous impact on the future of jobs and value creation. Digitalisation of finance is transforming the way entrepreneurial startups get financed. These trends include the emergence of crowdfunding and ICOs as new forms of disintermediated sources of entrepreneurial finance, the recent growth in investments in fintech ventures, and new forms of entrepreneurial collaborations that modify the way startups operate and innovate. These trends raise questions about the ultimate impact on financial markets, on entrepreneurial initiatives, and on how regulation can cope with these new trends to protect investors in the future.

Members of the FAIRR Research Centre have initiated different research projects and collaborations to develop in-depth expertise in entrepreneurial finance and in particular in digital entrepreneurial finance. These initiatives contribute to understanding how entrepreneurial firms are affected and how they can contribute to these transformations. This further contributes to assessing the impact of new technologies and the emergence of new industrial structures that are increasingly based on digital platforms.

Leader: Armin Schwienbacher, professor of finance at SKEMA Business School.