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Project leaders and contributors: 

  • Aurore Haas, permanent assistant professor, strategy and knowledge management
  • Laurence Descos, knowledge manager
  • Nabila Boukef, associate professor, management of information systems – impact of information systems on organisational change, social networks
  • Renata Kaminska, associate professor, strategy and innovation – knowledge creation and sharing
  • Lapo Mola, associate professor, management of information systems – impact of information systems on organisational design and inter-organisational relations, internet platforms
  • Dominique Vian, associate professor, entrepreneurship – cognition and entrepreneurship
  • Amitabh Anand, PhD student – knowledge sharing


Project description:


Knowledge is the new oil. Societies, organisations and individuals cannot live without it. It generates value at the individual, firm and societal levels, allows new insights and innovation, and permits progress.

At the same time, other trends hinder knowledge analysis, knowledge sharing, cooperation and creativity. The ever-growing mass of data and information necessitates the building of specific tools, systems and managerial processes to carry out relevant analyses and seize opportunities. The rapid pace of change and individualistic behaviours are a challenge to the sharing and diffusion of critical information and knowledge. At the level of individuals, organisations might also have difficulties identifying the competences its collaborators need to develop to support future firm performance.

The aim of the project is to address these major challenges by: 

  • Establishing a dialogue with key companies and startups in the ecosystem of SKEMA Business School

  • Creating courses, programmes and contents that help build specialised competences on knowledge and data management at all stages in the life-cycle.

  • Advancing research on knowledge management, including the impact of neurosciences on individual learning, the impact of new technologies on knowledge creation and sharing, and research on the critical managerial levers to enhance innovation, learning and knowledge diffusion, and to seize opportunities.

An interdisciplinary team of researchers has been formed to address the new trends in knowledge, data and competences.