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Knowledge Management courses

​Specific courses include (illustrations):


  •  Knowledge, Data and Competences “hackathon”: this four-day programme involves all students in their first year of business school across all French campuses (Paris, Lille, Sophia-Antipolis). Students work in multi-campus teams on a real-life project on the management of knowledge. Their work is evaluated by a panel of recognised firms at the end of the programme.

  •  Knowledge Management: this specialised course is part of the MSc International Strategy & Influence headed by Benjamin Lehiany, permanent assistant professor. This thorough course addresses the multiple aspects of knowledge and data management, including the creation, sharing and diffusion of knowledge, open innovation, intrapreneurship, big data, smart data, neurosciences and artificial intelligence.

  • Designing Innovative Learning: this specialised course is part of the MSc International Human Resources and Performance Management headed by Anke Middelmann, permanent assistant professor. The course addresses the challenges of the learning organisation. More and more companies need to recreate innovative learning environments to boost employees' skills but also to create a culture of sharing, trust and creativity (essential skills of leaders of the 21st century). Digital technologies are apprehended as one of the components of new ways of learning nowadays.