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Entrepreneurship & Innovation module

Summer school

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Sophia Antipolis campus, 23 - 27 July 2018

Students will discover the real life of entrepreneurs and their amazing adventures by meeting and exchanging with innovative entrepreneurs.

By interviewing entrepreneurs, students will understand the process of developing entrepreneurs’ ideas and transforming their inventions into innovation (or the transition from idea to market). 

This is also an opportunity to discover the diversity of innovations.

Course objectives

  • To train students to behave as responsible managers to deliver sustainable performance in complex environments.
  • To help students communicate in an international environment by producing clearly, well organised presentations.
  • To develop students’ analytical skills in understanding the functional areas of business management and how they work together.

Teaching methods

  • Learning entrepreneurship and innovation by an innovative method.
  • Interactive lectures and project-based learning.
  • Team work and interview (journalist article or multimedia material making).
  • Personal guided study.

Learning outcomes

Students are expected to:
  • Understand what entrepreneurship is, understand the life of an entrepreneur and the process of transforming an idea into a viable business.
  • Understand the difference between an invention/idea and an innovation, the diversity of forms of innovation. 
  • Learn how to introduce an innovation to market. 
  • Understand the role of entrepreneurship in society and its power to solve social problems, discovering a potentially fulfilling path for your professional life. 
  • Work collaboratively with other students, developing active listening and the ability to conduct in-depth interviews, developing analytical skills.

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