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Programme courses

MSc Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Design courses

Introduction classes:
During the last week of August and the first three weeks of September, design students will come to the SKEMA campus to do introductory classes in marketing and finance while business students will be on the SDS campus to do introductory classes in design (drawing, design methodologies, software).

Semester 1 at SKEMA Business School

   Required courses
  • Eco-system of Innovation, 3 credits
  • Building a Digital Business, 3 credits
  • New Ventures & Business Plan, 4 credits
  • Market Research, 3 credits
  • Sustainable Innovation from a Business Perspective, 4 credits
  • Finance for New Venture Management, 3 credits
  • Effectual Strategic Marketing, 3 credits
   Two electives from this list:
  • Dreams Hunter Programme, 3 credits
  • Ethics, Governance and Entrepeneurship, 3 credits
  • Open Innovation, 3 credits
  • Research Methods and Critical Thinking, 3 credits
  • Business plan competition "Challenge Jeunes Pousses", 3 credits
  • Employability & Career 1
   Semester 1, total credits: 30 credits

Semester 2 at the Sustainable Design School

   Required courses
  • Sustainable Design Futures, Trends and Innovation, 3 credits
  • Sustainable Design Innovation and Strategy, 3 credits
  • Facilitating Creative Thinking, 3 credits
  • Design Thinking and Human Factors, 3 credits
  • Sustainable Design Leadership, 3 credits
  • Design for Sustainability, 3 credits
  • Innovative Design Contextual Research, 3 credits
  • Discovery and Insight, 3 credits

   Two electives from this list:
  • Biomimicry Methodology, 3 credits
  • Applied Theory in Sustainability, 3 credits
  • Foundations of Sustainable Materials, 3 credits
  • Creation of Services, Interfaces and Experiences, 3 credits
  • Service and Enterprise, 3 credits
  • Pleasure-based Approaches to Service Design, 3 credits
   Semester 2, total credits: 30 credits

The details above are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.​

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