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What professionals say about the MSc International​​ Strategy & Influence​​

Didier Bonnet, senior vice president & global practice leader digital transformation, Capgemini Consulting, SKEMA alumnus​

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“Strategy in international business still demands hard skills like analytics and understanding information flows but there are also a lot of soft skills about influencing customers, influencing governments, understanding confidence building etc. This programme blends these soft and hard skills - a true differentiator for this programme on the market. 

If you’re interested in understanding the complexity of formulating and implementing strategy in global businesses, this programme is well suited. 
This MSc covers the ground in the issues that are radically changing the way businesses are orchestrated now and for the future: organisation, globalisation, and the realities of the digital world. 
Graduates will have the skills to work in designing the organisations of the future, to work in information management, they can work in quality and security. So I think this MSc opens up a wide array of jobs in large organisations as well as consulting firms. And, according to what I hear from my clients, there is a true need for this kind of skill set in global organisations today."
Yves Morieux, senior partner and managing director, Boston Consulting Group, on the MSc International Strategy & Influence:
This is extracted from a video you can find further down the page.

“SKEMA has a long tradition of excellence in strategy: great professors, great publications, as well as in business intelligence and knowledge economy. Today, with this new MSc, SKEMA has combined these two domains of excellence in to a new curriculum that has strong relevance on the market for companies. 
The kinds of profiles I would expect to graduate from this programme are those who can connect two domains: strategy and business intelligence. These graduates will be able to create organisations that can structure knowledge, leverage knowledge, transmit knowledge. 
I would expect strategists to graduate from this programme: people that are able to influence the strategic agenda of CEOs, people that are able to work as IT or knowledge managers, also people that are able to work in organisational development.”

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