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Two SKEMA professors listed among the top 2% of most cited scientists in the world

Published on 22 February 2024

Margherita Pagani and Leopoldo Bertossi, professors at SKEMA Business School and members of the SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI), are among the list of the top 2% of the most cited scientists worldwide, whose work has been used the most. The lists are established by the scientific publisher Elsevier and by John Ioannidis, a professor at Stanford University. The presence of these researchers in this ranking proves the high level of their expertise in their respective fields of research.

​In October 2023, researchers from Stanford and the publisher Elsevier compiled a public database of the most cited scientists in the world. This compilation led to the online publication of two classifications that categorise top-cited scientific authors worldwide. The selection is based on the best top-cited scientists offering standardised information on citations, h-index, and co-authorship adjusted hm-index. It is also based on the top 100,000 scientists by c-score or a percentile rank of 2% or more in the sub-field. Margherita Pagani (#56,617th), director of SKEMA Center for Artificial Intelligence and professor of artificial intelligence in marketing, is present in the classification that lists the most cited researchers from January to December 2022, for her contributions in the fields of marketing, business, and information systems. "In my research, I've looked into how technology, especially AI in business, affects how consumers behave, how companies are structured, and how businesses operate. It's not just an academic interest – understanding this tech impact on management is key to shaping the future of business, and I'm excited to contribute to this transformative journey," she says.


AI in management: a new f​​ield of research


The integration of artificial intelligence into the business landscape demands a unique blend of skills, prompting a fresh understanding of management paradigms. In her groundbreaking research, Margherita Pagani emphasises the pivotal role of humans amidst these technological shifts, championing a human-centric AI approach. "I study the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on management, contributing with novel perspectives in an emergent research stream in management. 

From my time at the Bocconi University and then collaborating with MIT's Massachusetts Institute of Technology Communication Future Program, my focus has consistently been on understanding how technology influences management, specifically contributing to the field of information systems and consumer behavior. This exploration of AI's role in management pushes the boundaries of our understanding in this evolving field," explains Margherita.


Professor Leopoldo Bertossi is listed in another ranking


The publisher Elsevier and Stanford offer a second ranking that lists the publication data for the entire academic career of a researcher. In this one, Professor Leopoldo Bertossi, a full professor at SKEMA's AI Innovation Centre in Montreal since July 2022 and a member of the SKEMA Center for Artificial Intelligence, is listed. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile, and is a recognised expert in several key areas of AI and data science.

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