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Hiboo: How a SKEMA graduate is decarbonising the industry through data

Published on 25 March 2024

Hiboo is a startup co-founded by Clément Bénard, an alumnus of SKEMA Business School (SKEMA 2008). It recently made a mark in the startup landscape by raising 9.3 million euros. Hiboo embodies innovation in data management for industrial machinery fleets, offering a revolutionary solution that promises to improve productivity and decarbonisation of these machines by up to 20%. Here's how.

​Clément Bénard, a SKEMA graduate, is at the heart of Hiboo's resounding success. This startup, which he co-founded, has taken a decisive step forward in 2024 with a fundraising of 9.3 million euros, promising to radically transform the efficiency and sustainability of industrial fleets worldwide. Hiboo's solution focuses on leveraging data natively emitted by industrial equipment, enabling optimised management and a significant reduction in carbon footprint. This innovative approach has attracted the interest of construction giants (NGE, Eiffage, Suez, Colas, and Spie Batignolles, among others) and convinced renowned investment funds to support the company in its strategic development, particularly in terms of technology, human resources, and international expansion.


A graduate of the MSc in Entrepre​​neurship & Innovation


Clément Bénard, an alumnus of the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which he attended at the Sophia Antipolis campus, underscores the importance of this fundraising for Hiboo's future. "This fundraising marks a turning point in Hiboo's development, as it demonstrates the confidence of investors and our clients in our product. It will enable us to continue developing in terms of technology, human resources, and international reach," he states. With its concept, Hiboo aims to become a key player in the construction tech sector, using data to reduce energy waste and promote a decarbonised industry.


The golden age of decarbonised industry?


Hiboo's commitment to a more sustainable and efficient industry is also emphasised by Clément Bénard: "Technologies like the one proposed by Hiboo will allow us to continue activities while reducing energy waste: a necessary prerequisite for the development of a decarbonised industry." This vision, shared by Hiboo's investors and partners, reflects the growing importance of energy efficiency and profitability in industrial sectors. The successful fundraising at the end of 2023 is a testament to the market's confidence in Hiboo's solution and the company's growth potential on the international stage.​

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