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Jurassic Park: How to Live in an Uncertain World?

Published on 05 June 2024

In the latest episode of the podcast MAKES SENSE?, Kevin Erkeletyan invites Laurent Ferrara, Professor of International Economics at SKEMA Business School. In this episode, the researcher, a member of the SKEMA Centre for Global Risks research centre, draws a comparison between the terrifying world of the Jurassic Park saga and the global geopolitical situation!

​​A breeding ground for instability and subject to the tectonics of events, the 21st-century world could largely resemble the universe of the Jurassic Park saga, populated by dinosaurs, war conflicts, viruses, dangerous climatic upheavals, and economic crises! So many T-Rexes and velociraptors ready to disrupt your life. One might think that the world has never been so uncertain since 65 million years ago. But then, how do we live in this unstable world? Can we find ways to control it?

Laurent Ferrara, Member of the International Institute of Forecasters

To explore this question, MAKES SENSE? has called upon a specialist: an economist. Laurent Ferrara, Professor of International Economics at SKEMA, an expert in chaos and uncertainty analysis, and a globally recognised specialist in economic forecasting, will provide valuable answers to Kevin Erkeletyan's questions. The researcher is also a member of the International Institute of Forecasters, an institution of 1300 members, which publishes the International Journal of Forecasting, a high-level academic journal. With his help, we hope to find ways to navigate this jungle that is our daily life.

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