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Le Point's 2024 rankings: SKEMA ranked as the 6th best business school

Published on 15 February 2024

SKEMA has been placed 6th for its Master in Management (PGE) programme in Le Point’s 2024 ranking of 37 leading business schools.

​Additionally, our Global BBA​ programme has been ranked 4th by Le Point in the four-year bachelor's category.


SKEMA on the international st​age


With its highly international Grand Paris campus, SKEMA closed the gap on the historically Paris-based grandes écoles and ranked 4th in the International category. The number of expatriates among our graduates, their average TOEIC score, the amount of time they spend abroad, and their multicultural exposure were the factors that enabled SKEMA to stand out. The percentage of international students at the school, the number of foreign professors and the diversity of their countries of origin, and the number of active partnerships signed by SKEMA with international institutions of excellence were also key factors. Our international campuses and the recognition of our degrees in the countries where we operate also boosted the school's score.

Pedagogy, Global BBA'​​s strength

SKEMA's Global BBA also ranked 4th among the 10 selected schools in the ranking of four-year bachelor's degree. The programme particularly excelled in terms of teaching, which ranked it 1st ex-aequo. It came 3rd in the international, salary and professionalisation criteria.

The​ advantage of double and triple degrees "made in SKEMA"

Another of SKEMA's strong points, noted by Le Point, is the strong 'hybridisation' of its courses to develop several complementary skills, in particular through double and triple degrees. "Internationally, we began by creating double degrees with schools that are similar to ours, using our local presence. This enables our students to not only complete the PGE programme, but also to graduate from NYU, Berkeley or UCLA. Doing two degrees at the same time requires investment and commitment, but it's useful for standing out from the crowd. In certain professions, such as business law, it has become indispensable. Our students who have taken the MSc Global Luxury Management​ course with NYU, from which Tiffany recruits a dozen interns, have a great opportunity to be hired. Having such a double degree is a real added value, both in terms of skills and access to an environment and ecosystem close to the one in which you want to work," explains Patrice Houdayer, director of programmes, international and student life at SKEMA.

Another course highlighted by Le Point is the triple master's degree offered by SKEMA with Loyola University in the United States and Ludwig Maximilians Universitat (LMU) in Germany.​

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