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Ten SKEMA students from the Master CA programme clear the bar exam

Published on 20 March 2024

In 2023, several law students from the dual Master's in Business Contract Law (Master CA) took the bar examination to gain admission to a law school. Twelve students from the Grande École/Master CA programme appeared for the competitive exam, resulting in an impressive outcome with 10 students passing it. Two master's students who were admitted to the Paris bar school (EFB) discuss the many benefits of pursuing this path in management and law.

​​​​An outstanding programme at SKEMA, the dual master's degree in management and business contracts is the result of a partnership with Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France. Highly sought after by many students for its diverse career opportunities, this demanding legal pathway prepares candidates for careers in French or international law firms, audit firms, human resources departments, compliance departments, investment banks, and legal departments of national and international companies. To prepare for the bar exam, the students are guided by a faculty of professors and legal professionals, including Olivier Lutun, Maître Grégory Bourdrez, Maître Brigitte de Foucher, and Diane de Saint-Affrique.

After the M1 or M2 year, several students choose to take the bar examination. It is an essential step towards a career as a lawyer, which often leads them to joining a business law firm. This was the case for Cécile Janicot, an M2-year student in the business contract master's, who opted for a specialisation in taxation. The student-lawyer passed the French bar exam in December 2023. "I had heard positive feedback about the CA double degree during my ECS preparatory course at the Lycée Kléber in Strasbourg. From L3-year onwards, I found the courses very stimulating. I have fond memories of the courses on the law of obligations. After a few weeks in the master's programme, I knew I wanted to take the bar exam. I loved the law!" she says.


"The English cour​​ses are a big positive for the exam"


Besides the written test, which involves drafting a synthesis note, a test on the law of obligations, specialisation and procedure, the bar examination is complemented by a major oral exam, where candidates must respond to a legal question related to a current topic and an English oral exam. "I gained a lot of fundamental methodological knowledge in both the law of obligations and corporate law. This master's is very comprehensive. Additionally, part of the course is in English, which is important. We arrive at law firms knowing how to handle legal vocabulary in English, which is a plus!" explains Juliette Magne, an M2-year student, who is aiming for a career in financial restructuring.


International careers ​​for some


Cécile, currently interning at the Mayer & Associates firm in Hong Kong and aiming for a career as a tax lawyer after several internships, including one at PwC Luxembourg (a partner of the Master CA), shares this view. "Some of our training is conducted in English, which is a huge advantage for us compared to other candidates taking this test." A clever mix of courses specific to the master's in management and law courses, the Master CA trains students in accounting-management, corporate finance, statistics and big data, marketing, human resources, and management. 

At the end of the M2 year, students of the business contracts master's must submit a dissertation. To obtain the Master's in Business Contract Law, it is also necessary to complete the Master in Management (PGE) programme​ at SKEMA. Several courses from the PGE programme, particularly in management accounting and legal English, are integrated and count towards the awarding of the Master's in Business Contract Law.


SKEMA Business School at the forefront of law


SKEMA Law School for Business​, an integral part of SKEMA's programmes, stands out for its unique educational approach, focused on innovation and interdisciplinarity. Located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, it aims to prepare law students for an international career by familiarising them with cutting-edge technologies and the challenges of international trade.

The school focuses on the development of practical skills, managing cultural diversity, and innovation, in line with contemporary legal challenges. In addition, SKEMA offers two dual master's degrees on its Lille campus: the Master's in Business Law and the Master's in Business Contracts. These programmes reinforce SKEMA's expertise in legal education, emphasising the international and practical aspects of business law.

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