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Podcast: the latest episode of "Makes Sense? compares AI and The Lord of the Rings!

Published on 07 September 2023

In the latest episode of SKEMA Business School’s "Makes Sense?" podcast, Kevin Erkeletyan talks to Marcos Lima, professor of innovation and a member of the SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI). Together, they explore the possibilities and dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) by comparing it to the fictional world of J.R.R. Tolkien — that of The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth. Get your headphones on!

​​It's hard not to be fascinated by the seemingly limitless capabilities of artificial intelligence. Its potential seems as infinite as that of Sauron's One Ring, imagined in the dreamlike fantasy world of the genius writer J. R. R. Tolkien. But, like the ring, AI also raises ethical questions: can it corrupt and dehumanise us, or even replace us? Using concrete examples such as ChatGPT, Kevin and Marcos attempt to answer these questions.


A danger to ​​humanity?


Like Gollum, doomed by his obsession with the ring, humans run the risk of allowing themselves to be corrupted by the power of AI. This could lead to massive job losses, violations of privacy, or even the malicious use of this technology in areas such as mass surveillance.


Born to destroy or to create?


Frodo, the hero of the saga, was faced with an agonising choice: should he destroy the evil ring to save Middle-earth? Similarly, Kevin Erkeletyan and Marcos Lima discuss whether the development of AI should be curbed, or even stopped altogether, to prevent potential risks.


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