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Yue Qiao (SKEMA 2017), Marketing Manager of INTERDEE fashion brand

Published on 11 April 2024

Yue Qiao (SKEMA 2017) is graduated from SKEMA MSc IMBD (2017), and pursued a degree in Financial Management at Lille 2 University, obtaining dual bachelor degrees from China’s Wuhan University and Lille 2 University. She is currently employed in the marketing department of the French premium women’s fashion brand INTERDEE, with extensive experience in restaurant management. She has a well-known KOL on social media, currently with over 320,000 followers on Douyin and nearly 160,000 followers on Xiaohongshu.

​Thank you very much for accepting the interview with SKEMA News Center. You began your journey in self-media at the beginning of 2021 and now have nearly 500,000 followers across various platforms. What encouraged you to become a blogger in the first place?
As platforms like Douyin and Xiaohongshu emerged and self-media began to gain traction, I started experimenting with posting short videos. Initially, I didn't focus much on editing or captions; if I found something interesting or enjoyable, I would simply share it directly without much thought to strategy. However, during the pandemic when I had more time at home, I happened to join an online training program for overseas influencers. I enrolled in a course and achieved remarkable results, which marked the beginning of my systematic journey into self-media.

​The success of viral content may rely on luck to some extent, but consistent growth of followers requires meticulous operation. Do you have your own "workflow" for topic selection, filming, editing, and writing captions? How did you master these skills?

I have independently handled all aspects of topic selection, filming, editing, and caption writing from the beginning until now. I believe the most important thing is to observe and think critically, as inspiration is crucial. While others might watch videos and move on, I often contemplate whether a particular topic is suitable for filming and if its style aligns with my own. As the saying goes, the more time you invest in a field, the more it will blossom. Once I have inspiration, the process of gathering material, filming, writing captions, and editing flows naturally. After posting a video, I pay close attention to my followers' reactions and preferences, seeking feedback to adjust the topic for the next video whenever possible. I've learned these skills through self-study, utilizing online resources to learn video filming, editing techniques, and operational strategies. Through consistent practice and application, I've honed these skills into my own expertise. [...] 

Since joining the marketing department of the French premium women's fashion brand INTERDEE last October, could you briefly introduce your current daily work routine?

​​I am currently the head of the marketing department at INTERDEE. My daily work involves various tasks related to self-media. I manage the operation of our WeChat video account and Xiaohongshu platform, seeking collaborations with influencers to increase INTERDEE's exposure and promote our products. This includes finding influencer partnerships, coordinating live streaming sessions, negotiating terms, establishing collaboration mechanisms, and distributing product links. Additionally, I manage the personal video accounts of the brand's founder on both WeChat and Xiaohongshu, assisting with content selection, filming, editing, and publication of videos. I also serve as a live streaming assistant, responsible for assisting in product selection, linking products, assisting in live streaming, and conducting post-streaming reviews for each session.

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