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China campus at Suzhou: well-being at work summit


In December, SKEMA’s Suzhou campus organised the first Well-being at Work summit in China. This summit is the work of the new student society, Happiness Association, created recently. 

After organising meditation classes, treasure hunts and other well-being activities, their very official “happiness month” ended with this event – obviously a happy one.

Nearly 100 participants from France and China as well as 15 other nationalities took part in this summit. It attracted students from seven different universities and professionals from Suzhou and Shanghai. All of them came to learn about the importance of happiness at work and in private life, and how they could integrate concepts, principals and activities relative to happiness into their everyday life. In China, this represents a completely new approach. 

Talks were given by international professional speakers from Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, Germany and France, all from various activity sectors. They spoke of subjects related to the science of happiness, awareness, and well-being at work through employee commitment and ways of reducing stress. 

The summit also proposed activities using non-violent communication combined with meditation, tai-chi and the discovery of internal sources of knowledge through U Theory. Participants mixed and learned from each other, even finding job and internship opportunities. 

These presentations and experiments gave participants a fundamental change in their perception of work. 

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