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Brazil campus: Clean-up day for local environment

Published on 04 March 2019

The partnership between SKEMA’s humanitarian student society HOPE and Project Rescue Ocean is stronger than ever in the second semester. Students from these societies organised a Clean-up Day event on 19 March at Lake Pampulha in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

​The aim of this Clean-up Day was to raise awareness on preserving the environment and ensuring that all the garbage is disposed of in appropriate bins. The campaign was the result of a collaboration between fifty students under Project Rescue Ocean's slogan and objective – Making sure attitudes change.

The event is a follow-up of an initiative started in March 2018 by HOPE society students where they organised the clean-up of the La Gravette beach in Antibes in collaboration with the Project Rescue Ocean society. The HOPE society unveiled its ambition to grow and diversify its projects, and the Project Rescue Ocean association restated its goal of raising awareness among young people and getting them more actively involved. 

Every semester, a student member of the HOPE society becomes a representative for Project Rescue Ocean in Brazil, responsible for organising two events (depollution and raising awareness) and managing the association's Facebook page. 

After organising a depollution campaign for World Clean-Up Day and an awareness day at the “Tecendo A Vida” centre for disadvantaged children, HOPE and Project Rescue Ocean, Brazil, are continuing their campaigns to preserve the environment.

The HOPE society (Humanitarian Organisation Promoting Equity), founded in 2016, was voted the best student humanitarian and social student society in France in 2018. The student society is involved in local and international assignments to promote the values of respect, humility and solidarity at a local, national and international level among companies, associations and organisations. Its presence at SKEMA’s campuses in Lille, Sophia Antipolis, Paris, Belo Horizonte and Suzhou gives it a wide potential field of action.

Project Rescue Ocean is an environmental student society in accordance with the French law of 1901, founded by Benoit Schumann and nurtured through social networks. Its aim is to raise awareness among the general public, and young people in particular, on the state of the shoreline. It also runs campaigns to preserve beaches, seas, rivers and oceans. All of these environments are closely linked. In two years, Project Rescue Ocean has amassed over 16,500 followers on social networks, not to mention the hundreds of participants in the campaigns and conferences organised by the student society

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