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E-sport student association at SKEMA

Published on 16 April 2020

SKEMA e-sport, a student association created in December 2019 by Anthony Jorda, now a young graduate, currently has around 30 members with a passion for this discipline. Based at the school’s seven campuses across the world, their aim is to promote leisure and competition e-sport at SKEMA and defend the colours of their school in online tournaments.

​Their favourite game? League of Legends (Riot Games). At the end of March, at its Sophia Antipolis campus, SKEMA was due to host the first edition of the Higher Business School League of Legends French Cup, a competition created by Riot Games France with support from SKEMA and in partnership with the Business School Sports Association (BSSA). Because of the pandemic, the event will now take place online on 25 and 26 April 2020 (more information coming soon).

The members of the association take part in other dedicated events, like the League of Legends Big League, which pits different campus against each other, and the Gamers Assembly, a French e-sport “pow-wow” that took place from 10 to 13 April 2020.

Since September 2018, the SKEMA Sports Department has been laying on a course in e-sport at the Paris, Lille and Sophia Antipolis campuses. Beyond the “Gamer” aspect, students are encouraged to explore every dimension involved in organising a university e-sport team through various skills tackled in classes, including the sector’s macro-economic data, an interpretation of the foreseeable development of the ecosystem, the statistical approach to performance in games, the use of performance-monitoring tools, data use and regulation, sophrology techniques, and mental and physical preparation designed to improve movements and concentration. To find out more about this multi-campus e-sport course, contact Franck Luccisano (SKEMA teacher, SKILS Academy).

Keep up with SKEMA e-sport association news on Twitter or contact Ruben Lefevre (communication manager).

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