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One: First augmented hospitality solution, incubated at SKEMA

Published on 23 June 2020

The hotel and catering sector is struggling to recruit talent. A new solution of a startup incubated at SKEMA Ventures at the Sophia Antipolis campus could usher in the wind of change.

​First observation: hotel and restaurant managers are struggling to recruit talent. In an effort to boost their employer brand, they are increasingly seeking satisfaction feedback from their customers. Second observation: in this particular sector, improving the customer experience means factoring in the well-being and development of employees.  The solution to this twofold observation is “One” –  the first augmented hospitality solution, incubated at SKEMA Ventures, Sophia Antipolis.

In the hotel sector today, improving the customer experience is no longer possible without taking the well-being and professional development of the staff into account. But how can the assets and talents of employees in the sector be highlighted to foster their employability? How can managers in the hotel/catering industry obtain feedback from customers and improve their experience while enhancing their brand image and employer brand?

One proposes a three-in-one solution:

Customers can share their satisfaction with just one click. To go further than a simple “Thank you”, no matter how sincere, they can directly praise the strong points of the staff serving them (smiling, ready to listen, warm and friendly, etc.). They can point out the excellence of their knowledge and expertise, thus recommending them to their establishment and helping to further their careers.

One emphasises the skills and potential of employees in the hotel/catering sector. Their know-how and strengths are illustrated directly by their clientele. All the recommendations and gratitude expressed for them will enrich and boost their profiles with their hotels. Through their personal accounts with One, they have access to training and development courses that will make them stand out.

– With One, managers in the hotel/catering sector can enhance their “employer brand”. They can highlight the excellence of their teams through a successful customer experience. Through One, they gain from the enhanced attractiveness of talents and strengthen the relationship of trust with their staff, thus encouraging long-term loyalty. With a single tool, One, they can shine a light on those who make up the driving force of their establishment.

The One platform is part of an approach emphasising the human aspect. It helps establishments boost their appeal for new talents while underlining the excellence of their staff’s expertise through customer feedback.

We recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign and are now working on the legal and technical aspects of One. At the same time, we are continuing to develop the commercial side in more depth, so we can devise a tailor-made offer providing a precise response to the sector’s requirements,” says Julie Coulon, a student at SKEMA. 

She adds: “We have a great advantage because of SKEMA’s entrepreneurial environment, with assistance from SKEMA Ventures, particularly from Nicolas Servel in Sophia Antipolis and Franck Hanoh in Lille, expert advice from law professor Diane de Saint Affrique on the legal aspects, and the links being created with the MSc Luxury Hospitality and Innovation offered by SKEMA in Paris (and its director, Tatiana Dauxert). Thus, our project also benefits from the Ferrières Hotel Management school’s experience and network.”

The six students heading the project:

Thomas Biscondi: PGE (L3) SKEMA Sophia Antipolis, after ESDHEM in Sophia Antipolis
Julie Coulon: PGE (L3) SKEMA Sophia Antipolis after ESDHEM in Sophia Antipolis
Enzo Bessy: Master’s in Marketing at ESCCOM (Nice)
Florianne Bizet: UX/UI Designer (Montreal)
Robin Giovannangeli: Master’s in Marketing at ESCCOM (Nice)
Alexandre Gueroult: Developer (Nice)

For more information, contact Julie Coulon or
One on Instagram: @onethanksapp

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