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Strategy Summit: data, strategy, geopolitics, future of business

Published on 03 May 2019

11 April, the S-Kube student society organised the second edition of the SKEMA Strategy Summit, a first-of-its-kind yearly event in France. Aiming to debate the strategic issues companies would face in the near future, it brought together experts, professors and researchers, business people and consultants. In this interview, Jean Laneyrie, president of the SKEMA Strategy Summit 2019, provides the details.

Data and strategy, strategy and geopolitics and ‘the company of the future’ were the three main themes of the summit. Several prominent professionals attended it, including Didier Bonnet (senior vice president and global practice leader, digital transformation,  Capgemini Consulting), Alain Bauer (president of CSFRS for strategic training and research), Gaspard Koenig (philosopher, founder and president of the "Génération Libre” think tank) and Emmanuel Combe (vice president of the French competition authority, Autorité de la Concurrence). 

What were the prime themes of the summit?

The presentations addressed various points. These included new business models and ways to create value in an economy that is constantly changing and where digitalisation has a far-reaching effect (platform and sharing economies, open innovation, increasing technological performance and reduction of costs, and so on). Prospective analysis of an economy with increasingly personalised price schemes and the associated opportunities and risks, the possibility for companies to reach a wider customer base, democratisation of certain products, and the legal and ethical aspects of the increasing use of data were also discussed during the events.

Philosopher and essayist Gaspard Koenig concluded with a presentation about his artificial intelligence (AI) world tour. During his trip around the world, he met 120 specialists to collect their vision of the world and the impact of AI. He also focused on the marked difference between San Francisco and Paris. While France is still reflecting about what are considered to be necessary ethical questions about AI, the American city has already applied it wherever possible.

Please tell us about S-Kube, the student association that organises the SKEMA Strategy Summit.
The vocation of the S-Kube association is to share the knowledge of experts from a wide range of disciplines about issues that are central to business competitiveness. 

The association comprises around ten students from the SKEMA MSc International Strategy and Influence – a course that prepares them for the consulting profession and raises awareness about the stakes associated with economic intelligence, knowledge management and growth strategies. Due to the support of SKEMA and its partners Leboncoin, Maddyness and SKEMA Ventures, the second edition of the SKEMA Strategy Summit was a resounding success.

What did you take away from this experience?
The SKEMA Strategy Summit enabled the organisers to gain a rich experience. It took six months of coordination between students with varied and complementary profiles. We participated and progressed in all aspects of the project including financial, administrative, communications and logistics.  

Team members were able to extend their professional networks by working with representatives from major actors in the economy and learn more about their problems and fields of expertise. Managing this project helped in developing a high sense of responsibility and strong professional skills.

The project is at the core of SKEMA’s DNA. It facilitates the comprehension and anticipation of economic, geopolitical, organisational and social issues (data ownership, disinformation, globalisation, democratisation of artificial intelligence, and so on). The perspectives offered teach us agility and help us adapt to changes in an era of digital and global innovation, while remaining objective, open and ready for action.

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