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How we designed a peer-to-peer, multi-campus learning experience

Published on 07 June 2021

Teaching Innovation is fun, but it is difficult to convey the challenges of managing innovation without fully immersing students in a practical environment. So when Covid-19 locked everyone behind a screen, we needed to act fast to rethink the Innovation course in our International Marketing and Business Development programme.

​SKEMA’s MSc International Marketing and Business Development course is famous for its active learning experience.  In our innovation course, students learn new tools and methods which call for constant iteration and feedback, as well as creative and strategic thinking.

That's not an easy job because the engagement rules are different when face to face or remote, or worse when students are on their own asynchronous journey.  Although the new generation is digital native, they equally struggle to work together in virtual environments.  

What did we do? 
We flipped the classroom experience and did the following:  
  • We paced weekly progress linked to high quality asynchronous content: (they watch, they practice, and they refine their insights).  
  • We designed weekly, 90-minute sessions centered on practice and feedback with knowledge checks 
  • We adopted a professional Innovation platform (Exago) used by industry leaders enabling projects to be shared and commented by all participating students. 
  • We embedded a gamified reward system. Students were rewarded for active, collaborative and constructive behavior. 
  • Finally, we engaged seasoned professionals who helped us in defining the innovation challenges. They helped us to appraise the ideas during the pitch sessions and shared their feedback to each project directly in the platform.  

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