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HOPE association students set to embark on missions to Africa and Asia to facilitate access to education

Published on 16 April 2024

Driven by its commitment to international humanitarian work, the HOPE association is set to embark on ambitious projects in Africa and Asia this summer, focused on improving access to education and reducing inequalities, in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. To accomplish their missions, the students are initiating a widespread fundraising campaign.

​​This summer, the Cambodian mission team from the HOPE association will join forces with the NGO Taramana to enhance the educational conditions and living standards of underprivileged children in Phnom Penh. The initiative aims to support education by providing nutritious breakfasts and bolstering educational infrastructure, thereby ensuring the holistic development of the children. "We are sending six members of the association on this mission. We aim to establish a connection with the young children and work on-site to provide them with quality education and essential medical care, for example, by supplying hygiene products," explains Lou Maubert, a third-year student in the Master in Management (PGE) programme.

In Vietnam: education for orphan children

Nine students will head to Hué, Vietnam, to collaborate with the Maison des Affections orphanage, providing material and emotional support to orphans between 3 and 16 years of age, in partnership with the Vietnam Sampaniers. "We hope to provide them with school supplies, hygiene products, prescription glasses, and educational toys," shares My Anh Luong, a student in the PGE programme at the Lille campus. Additionally, the students plan to teach English and French courses.

In Togo: Cultural exchanges and community ​development

In July, the West Africa mission will work with the Djidjole-Afrique association to contribute to the educational, health, and environmental development in the village of Avetonou, Togo. There, the students aim to renovate the village's nursery school, support the children, and foster a cultural exchange environment.

Support HOPE's humanitarian missions

In Sophia Antipolis, students mobilise for ​Togo and Vietnam

In July 2024, students from the Sophia Antipolis campus, in collaboration with the local NGO ADA Togo, will undertake a humanitarian mission in Togo, specifically in the village of Badja and a nearby orphanage. This mission primarily focuses on enhancing educational support and skill development among young orphans and women facing particular vulnerabilities, including limited access to education. This initiative will also include infrastructure renovation projects.

Simultaneously, a fundraising campaign to collect 10,000 euros has been launched to establish a socio-professional centre for young girls and mothers who have left school early, to facilitate their social and professional integration. Regarding Vietnam, the students are collaborating with the French association "For Thuy and Thu", dedicated to addressing the fundamental needs of disadvantaged Vietnamese children, with a special emphasis on education, health, and lifestyle. The primary goal of this collaboration is to provide financial support to cover the children's tuition fees.

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