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E-sports classes now at SKEMA

Published on 01 February 2019

SKEMA Business School’s sports department launched e-sports lessons on the Paris, Lille and Sophia Antipolis campuses. Sébastien Maire, associate professor of physical education and a competitive athlete, has taught over 110 students since September 2018.

E-sports are booming. In 2018, the sector generated $906 million in revenue worldwide. 

Picking up on this trend, SKEMA’s students can now choose this as a class.  For 1.5 hours a week, students progress in the game of their choice while monitoring their acquisition of skills. Players then fine-tune these skills outside the classroom and report on their improvements in their performance via an online monitoring tool.

Besides gaming, students are involved in various aspects of structuring a university e-sports team. Students also work on macroeconomic data for the sector, forecast trends for the economy, a statistical approach to performance in games, using performance-monitoring tools, using and regulating data, and preparing physically and mentally to optimise movements, concentration, etc.

“I'm thrilled to be leading this innovative and ambitious initiative in a rapidly changing sector. Students’ interest is exceeding our expectations,” explained Sébastien Maire”

For more information, please contact Sébastien Maire

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