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New book on women entrepreneurs in France

Published on 14 February 2020

The book, which includes contributions from SKEMA professors Stephanie Chasserio and Sophie Gay, has just been published in French by Editions Management et Société. By recounting the stories of 12 women entrepreneurs, it shows the diversity of paths leading women to entrepreneurship.

​The portraits also reveal the social and environmental factors that influence these entrepreneurial journeys, such as family, economic opportunities, access to funding, and the support of key partners.

These entrepreneurs describe and explain how they navigate or transform the norms of entrepreneurship in this professional world that is still male dominated. These stories of women entrepreneurs also aim to bring to light how these business owners contribute to France’s economic and social vitality, contributions that often go unnoticed even now.

Coordinated by Stephanie Chasserio (lecturer in management at SKEMA), Sophie Gay Anger (head of SKEMA’s Grande Ecole programme) and Typhaine Lebegue (associate professor at IAE Tours), this book includes contributions from Philippe Pailo and Corinne Poroli, who also teach at SKEMA.

To buy the book (in French)

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