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New MSc in Research in Management & Innovation


Students in the M1 year of the Master in Management or in the final year of the BBA: are you interested in working in research?

With the ISEM and the GREDEG, SKEMA has co-constructed a programme that will give you a solid basis for continuing your studies with a doctorate. 

The MSc in Research in Management & Innovation is a nationally recognised master's level diploma ("DNM") under the auspices of the Université Côte d’Azur (UCA). The course recruits students from all backgrounds to give them the basis for further study towards doctoral studies at SKEMA or elsewhere. The programme will provide both theoretical and practical research skills. 

This programme offers specialisations in themes related to innovation. Students will be trained in research design, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the basics of management and innovation that will enable them to design a supervised research project. This will be presented at the end of the year and is likely to be taken further as a doctorate in management sciences. 

Regular seminars with high level international universities will take place to enrich the course content. These will also provide an opportunity for students to learn about the highest standard norms of academic publication. The diversity of interests and methods used by the programme faculty has created an environment that favours research in management and innovation. 

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