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SKEMA Suzhou: Distinguished alumnus Pierre E. Cohade delivers inspiring lecture on global leadership

Published on 15 September 2023

On 6 September, Pierre E. Cohade, a distinguished alumnus (SKEMA 1984), delivered a lecture at the SKEMA Suzhou campus and spoke about his remarkable professional journey. He also offered profound insights into the world of global leadership and having a successful career.

​​​He currently serves as the non-executive director on the boards of Johnson Control International, Deutsche Bank China, and CEAT. He is also the chairman of IMA's CEO Forum for China, Asia, leading peer-to-peer organisation. He is the founder and principal of Artemis Ventures, an advisory and investment firm based in Hong Kong.

With a wealth of global experience, Pierre's words resonated with both current students and alumni. He emphasised the transformative power of education and the importance of making informed, passion-driven choices in one's career.

“Passport to the wo​rld"

Pierre fondly referred to SKEMA as his "passport to the world," acknowledging how his education had opened doors to a world filled with opportunities. His sentiments resonate deeply with our SKEMA community, where education has consistently empowered individuals to excel on the international stage.

A central theme of Pierre's lecture was the significance of personal global experiences. He encouraged students to follow their passions, emphasising that every individual possesses a unique voice that can make a meaningful global impact. His message was clear: trust your decisions and embrace entrepreneurship as a path to innovation and success.

Understanding glo​​bal dynamics

Delving into the complexities of global trade, Pierre discussed the prevalence of trading blocs worldwide, and China's pivotal role in the global economic landscape. He underscored the value of cultural awareness, urging everyone to explore the history and culture of the countries they engage with. This, he explained, enhances our understanding of their policies, and fosters better global cooperation.

In essence, Pierre's lecture served as a testament to SKEMA's spirit of nurturing informed decision-makers and global leaders.

More events, workshops and lectures are planned in the near future. SKEMA Talent and Careers aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration they need to navigate the ever-changing global landscape with confidence and purpose.​

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