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SKEMA / ESIEA Digital Consulting Week

Published on 19 March 2020

The third edition of the Digital Consulting Week organised by ESIEA and SKEMA was held in late January: 140 students with complementary profiles (IT engineers and digital marketing) worked in teams of four or five on digital issues put forward by participating companies (Sopra Steria Next, Microsoft, Clever Connect, Bouygues Telecom, Accenture and Avanade).

​The student-consultants presented the results of their work to specialists from the participating companies and to the representatives of both the schools. The professionals commended the conscientiousness of the students and the quality of the work performed by the auditors from ESIEA (85 student-engineers in their fifth year at ESIEA) and SKEMA (55 auditors from the MS and Executive MS Marketing Data and e-Commerce programmes).

“This exercise really gave us some operational solutions. We were also impressed by the students’ dedication throughout the week,” said Christophe Lenoir, head of digital - B2B at Bouygues Telecom.

“The team composition was spot on and should be replicated for future sessions: SKEMA brings its business, marketing and, more broadly, strategic point of view, while ESIEA works on the technological/IS/IT blocks and handles the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions,” said Stephane Toussaint, a consultant at Sopra.

“All of the objectives of this third Digital Consulting Week were achieved: placing the auditors in the role of consultants on real high-level issues (in digital, e-commerce and data), handling pressure with short lead times and working in mixed teams (marketing and IT). Making information systems and marketing work together is a strategic challenge for companies. With this kind of event, we are preparing our students for this approach which fosters innovation,” said Jean-François Detout, director of SKEMA’s MS Marketing Data and e-Commerce programme.

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