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SKEMA in Up2School’s ‘French Tech’ ranking

Published on 25 November 2020

SKEMA has been ranked among the top 10 business schools in the general ranking drawn up by Up2School, based on the French Tech 120 (FT120).

​Our school performed well in several categories, confirming that it is now among the “schools renowned for their digital and/or entrepreneurial culture.”

“Are the CAC40 companies now has-beens? Whatever the answer, startups are increasingly attracting young graduates. French Tech appeals to graduates and investors in France as well as abroad,” says Up2School while explaining the pertinence of its new ranking, drawn up using data collected from LinkedIn and other sources.

“Looking at what students end up doing after graduation enables us to check if business schools are really preparing their alumni to join these structures which represent tomorrow’s world,” asserts the article.

SKEMA graduates take the number one spot in the “data” category and are also well represented in the marketing, B2B software, jobs and education, entertainment, and deeptech fields.

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