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SKEMA provides financial aid for three incubated companies


Student company creation is growing at SKEMA. For the first time, SKEMA has allocated funds in the form of grants to fledgling companies in its incubators. The funds amount overall to 2 million euros from SKEMA.

Among the nine projects selected, six filed for funding and were received on 13 October at Sophia-Antipolis by the Grant Attribution Committee. 

Three companies obtained funding:

  • Escape for Adventure, led by Antoine de Beer currently incubated by the SKEMA ​incubator in Lille and Euratechnologies Blanche Maille, SKEMA partner.

    Escape for Adventure is creating a brand of everyday products (clothes, accessories, decoration etc) linked to a product offer on the theme of road trips. The funding will enable the company to test this offer through actions in the field directly with the targeted clients. 

  • ​Time N’Joy, led by Axel Hutin and two co-founders currently funded by the SKEMA incubator at Sophia-Antipolis

    Time N’Joy offers a user-friendly platform that links up users seeking activities in their region and professionals who wish to promote events. The funding will enable them to finalise the beta version of their platform that is already being tested with target populations and to get their offer to market more quickly.

  • Les 3Dandies, led by Edouard Bonnisol, Olivier Meunier and Thibaut Saras

    Now in Paris, but incubated at Sophia-Antipolis, Les 3Dandies sell chocolates made by a 3D printer on the events and company rewards market. After confirming the interest of their offer with a first contract, the funding will enable them to buy a new 3D printer and a thermoforming machine. 

"This round of funding represents a first step by SKEMA that is committed to increasing its support for promising projects" Michel Bernasconi, director of SKEMA’s Global Entrepreneurship Initiative, explained.

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