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Men and women: SKEMA pushes for workplace equality


Through the Women & Companies research chair and the “Everything's possible” project, SKEMA's taking practical action with students in favour of workplace equality.

​Among the latest events, equality workshops aim to get students thinking and working together with professionals on the challenges of equality inside firms and in managerial roles. 

"We have just had our first workshop on our three French campuses on the theme: decoding stereotypes and prejudices to avoid the traps in the workplace. The workshop was led by Isabelle Delcroix Naullais, founder and director of Lidup", explains Stéphanie Chasserio, professor and co-director of SKEMA’s Women & Companies chair with professors Eliane Bacha, Corinne Poroli and Philippe Pailot. Marie-Paule Moreau co-ordinates the project.

Inequality exists as soon as students leave education. This is the conclusion of the 2017 survey by the Conference des Grandes Ecoles. The study shows that as soon as they leave higher education, annual remuneration for women is on average lower by €1 948 than that for men. Another disparity appears in obtaining a permanent contract (men obtain these more quickly than women). Next, these inequalities only grow as time goes on in students’ careers. This state of affairs is one of the reasons why the Grandes Ecoles have decided to do something about inequality at work.

A first step to modifying our means of action is to understand how stereotypes are constructed and how they influence our behaviour. 

Upcoming workshops are planned between January and March 2018. They will explore management practices and try to propose ways of thinking and acting so that managers can learn to manage without sexism so as to guarantee professional equality. 

This essential professional equality has become a major preoccupation for numerous firms today. SKEMA shares this preoccupation and highlights its competences in the matter. Its Women & Companies chair acts to fight against inequality and encourage progress in this area at work.  

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