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Suzhou campus students visit ancient town for cultural experience

Published on 10 May 2023

On 20 April, a group of students from SKEMA Business School’s Suzhou campus visited the ancient town of Tongli in Suzhou, one of the six famous towns of Chiangnan. The town, founded during the Song Dynasty, has a history of over 1,000 years and is situated on the banks of Lake Taihu, to the east of the ancient canal.

​​While Suzhou is best known for its ancient-style gardens, the town also offers beautifully preserved natural nooks and typical bridges of the region: Taiping Bridge, Jili Bridge, and Changqing Bridge. During their excursion, the students had the opportunity to stroll through Tuisi Garden, Jiayin Hall, and Chongben Hall. They also took a boat ride and admired the tranquil beauty of the town's bridges and waterways.


"A real discovery"


The tour guide provided insights into the history and culture of the ancient town, enabling the students to deepen their understanding of the beautiful gardens of Chiangnan and the excellent carving of ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. "I didn't know anything about the ancient town of Tongli, it's a real discovery," admitted Bingbing Tang, an MSc International Business student ​at the Suzhou campus, adding, "I was able to deeply feel the charm and culture of Chiangnan's water towns with their exquisite gardens and ancient houses, their small bridges, as well as the local characteristic food."​

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