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The Paris branch of SKEMA Conseil is ten years old

Published on 12 September 2021

Launched in 2011 by a handful of visionary students, the Paris branch of SKEMA Conseil is celebrating its tenth birthday in 2021. Despite the health crisis, SKEMA’s Junior Enterprise has smashed its sales targets and grown its turnover by unprecedented levels.

With its razor-sharp communications, a five-year strategic plan, a website likely to make any company turn green with envy, an army of talented consultants and a dynamic Executive Board, SKEMA Conseil has no shortage of attributes. In 2021, the Paris branch of the “made in SKEMA” Junior Enterprise has recorded a turnover of €65,000, which is €5,000 more than in 2019 (the year 2020 having been largely disrupted by the Covid-19 crisis). 

This is a significant increase that did not come about by chance. “We’re getting more client work than before, our communication is much better and our prospecting is more effective. To give a rough idea, our turnover in 2014 was €24,000…” explains Nathan Perney, Director of the Paris branch of SKEMA Conseil and a student in the first year of the Grande Ecole programme. 

During its last financial year, the Junior Enterprise had 32 clients, including entrepreneurs but also large companies, such as Olaqin, the French specialist in transactions for healthcare professionals, located in Suresnes. 

Increasing partnerships with large groups

SKEMA Conseil has increased its partnerships over the years and with its change in leadership. Between 2019 and 2021, eight new partners worked with the JE, including the EY consulting firm, BNP and CGI, a Canadian company specialised in IT services and consulting. 

Developing links with other JEs to hone expertise

SKEMA Conseil Paris has been building partnerships with major accounts but it continues to work with its counterparts. So, in 2017 and then in 2020, it entered into agreements with Junior ISEP, the Junior Enterprise of the Paris engineering school (digital), and AMJE Paris (Arts et Métiers Junior Etude), with a view to improving its visibility and offering its clients relevant dual expertise. 

SKEMA Conseil in figures

  • 3 branches in France (Lille, Paris, Sophia-Antipolis), which merged in 2020 to create a single entity, plus three in development abroad (Raleigh, Belo Horizonte, Suzhou).
  • €230,000 in turnover in 2021 for SKEMA Conseil group.
  • 13 project managers at SKEMA Conseil Paris for 80 applicants in 2020.
  • Around a hundred consultants at the SKEMA Conseil Paris branch.

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