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Flagship programmes

Working with the faculty and expert practitioners, the SKEMA AI School for Business team creates multidisciplinary programmes for both high-impact decision makers and managers of the future. The portfolio of programmes aims to respond thoughtfully to the need to understand the current state of AI technology and how it is likely to affect business, ethics and society.

SKEMA AI School for Business offers accredited diplomas from SKEMA Business School and certificates.

Summer school - AI for Business (Grand Paris Campus)

The AI for Business summer school five-day curriculum is targeted to individuals interested in learning about how to apply AI, data science and machine learning with a primary focus on practical application to business. The classes in this summer school will focus on the areas of data science that have made the biggest advances in utility over the last several years, including machine learning models, forecast, optimisation, network science, computer vision and natural language processing. Classes will concentrate on methods that allow algorithms to train effectively and be applied to solve business problems in multiple industries.

MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Business Transformation in partnership with the engineering school ESIEA (Grand Paris campus)

This programme trains professionals who understand the inner workings of AI, its capabilities and limits as well as the meaningful creation of value for organisations. Half of the courses are delivered by our partner ESIEA (engineering school of the digital world). These mainly focus on AI algorithms, computer programming and IT infrastructure for AI. The other half are delivered by SKEMA professors, mainly focussing on the management of AI and applied projects in data science and AI with our industry partners such as Microsoft.

MSc Digital Business and Artificial Intelligence (Sophia Antipolis campus)

The first comprehensive degree in digital business and data analysis in Europe.

This MSc is a CGE-accredited, full-time programme with eight months of coursework followed by work experience or a research project. This programme was conceived by top executives in the industry, who noticed the fast increase in demand (and the severe shortage in supply) of graduates with proper understanding of the digital transformation of the global labour market.

MS Artificial Intelligence and Project management

The details will be provided soon.

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