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O uso do Sistema Panteon para a pesquisa qualitativa em analise organizacional
G. Da Silva Motta
, ,
Yuri BASTOS Wanderley
2007, Diálogos Possíveis, 2, pp.25-38
Ttis work aims at presenting Panteon – a web based interface for analysis of “case studies” or “social environments” with the aid of web suppor-ted databases – as an alternative to traditional data analysis procedures in qualitative researches. Panteon is con?gured as a tool capable of su-pporting the systematical process of qualitative analysis, without losing sight of scenario complexity, through the on-line storage and retrieval of perceptions collected during ?eld research, which can be sorted by cate-gories of analysis, problem-situation, structural context or key-word se-arch. Being web based, the tool allows yet for collaborative asynchronous analysis, besides making it possible to revise and update study contents in the future. It is therefore proposed that one of the main positive argu-ments for the use of the system is its ?exibility

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