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Preparing students for employment

Talent & Careers guides students across all programmes and all countries in the preparation of their professional project, in discovering new jobs and companies they may be interested in, and in sourcing positions that match their profile.

Our goal is to give them all the tools, resources and opportunities to sucessfully get on the job market.

This support is based on the following aspects:

Personal branding

Assistance in writing a CV, matching skills and strengths to employer needs when drafting the cover letter and during the interview pitch, mastering professional skills in different situations and different countries

Creating a career plan

Understanding the range of careers associated with each programme, in order to transfer a personal interest for a subject into a true career plan, and use any network, including the alumni network for this purpose.

The service is notably based on combining the latest generation of employment support tools (to build a personalised career plan) and is supplemented by individual interviews and by appointment, in order to hone specific areas of the plan to match our programme specifics.

Students log on to your personal area on their online career centre

Meeting companies

Talent & Careers provides many varied opportunities to meet companies (forums, company presentations, meetings with graduates in specific sectors, recruitment sessions, etc.). These meetings are regularly set up with our extensive alumni network.

These events allow our students to work on their employability, to confront the professional world, to meet French and international companies covering all the sectors of activity addressed by SKEMA and in line with the school's DNA.

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Professional experience


All of SKEMA's programmes give students a wide range of significant in-company experiences (internships, apprenticeships, gap years, etc.), which represent 25 to 50% of study time, and often take place outside of the student’s home country.

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SKEMA takes particular care with employment support schemes for disabled students and has created special relationships with companies who are committed to employing disabled staff.

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