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KTO PhD In Management

SKEMA business school proposes a strong international standard base PhD in Management called KTO (Knowledge, Technology and Organization) PhD.

This PhD in Management combines disciplinary breadth and methodological depth. It prepares candidates for research and teaching careers at leading educational institutions where advanced research capabilities are required. The KTO PhD is a full-time programme. It is intensive, with high expectations on independent inquiry, on competences in research methods and on collaboration. Our goal is to place students in top institutions in Europe and in the US.


Why choose the SKEMA Business School PhD programme in Management?

The KTO PhD programme offers:

Unique Research capabilities:

  • The PhD programme is mostly supported by the Knowledge, Technology and Organization (KTO) research centreThe KTO research centre seeks to contribute to academic and policy debates about management challenges in a global knowledge based economy. The topics covered by the KTO centre include strategy or organization in relation with innovation and knowledge. The KTO centre also investigates various issues in international business, business ethics and emerging countries. The KTO centre organises international research workshops and seminars on a regular basis with the participation of professors from the world's leading universities. 


  • Professors from the KTO centre have a strong record of publications in recognised international journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of International Business Studies, Organization Science, Research Policy, Strategic Management Journal, etc. The KTO centre organizes international research workshops and seminars on a regular basis with participation of professors from the world’s leading universities. Visiting professors from top institutions also teach in the KTO PhD programme. It also supports doctoral seminars where SKEMA PhD students and invited students are invited to present their research work.


  • The KTO PhD also benefits from the expertise and competencies from other SKEMA business school research centres (e.g., the European Centre for Corporate Control Studies, Innovation and Competition Research Centre). Students will have the opportunity to meet faculty from other centres in methodological courses and during regular common seminars.

A truly international PhD:

  • The KTO PhD in Management is a truly international programme. All courses and seminars are held in English and students come from all over the world. KTO faculty has demonstrated an enduring endeavour to create opportunities for students to meet, discuss and work with world-class researchers in their field of specialisation.  

  • PhD students are encouraged to visit foreign universities and to develop research collaboration abroad in their third and fourth years of study. 

  • SKEMA Business School is a multi-campus international business school located in France (Sophia Antipolis, Lille and Paris), North America (Raleigh, North Carolina) and China (Suzhou). Students will have opportunities to visit other SKEMA campuses when useful for their research project or teaching experience.

Excellent working conditions:

  • Assistantships are awarded every year through a financial aid package that fully covers tuition and provides an attractive stipend that can continue for up to four years in the programme. This assistantship is yearly evaluated based on the overall student's performance. 

  • Funding for participation in leading international conferences, seminars, or workshops is available. 

  • Students have the possibility to access to a large and rich portfolio of databases (e.g., ORBIS, WRDS, Thomson One, etc.) 

  • The KTO PhD is located in Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera, one of the most popular science parks in Europe with leading innovation clusters in electronic, aerospace, software, telecommunications, perfume and tourism etc.

 Learning environment:

From the very beginning, students are involved with and participate to  the SKEMA KTO research center activities. 
Throughout the KTO PhD programme, students are given the opportunity to teach in undergraduate or graduate programmes to get a real teaching experience and practices. 


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